The walking guys



Huge thanks to our financial backers, the honorary walking guys and gals: 

Eric Kessenich, Mary Lou Kelley, Tom & Betsy Wiltzius, Dean Synder, Brian Goff, Jim and Val Schmidt, Tom and Mary Schmidt, Michael Nolan, Christy Holding, Mari Kessenich, Carol Kelley, Doug Fuhrman, Nicole & Ryan Padget, Michael Kessenich, Mary Kay Kessenich, Margaret Kelley, David Charles McGowan III, Rhonda E Gregoretti, Laura Morrow, Bryan Hall, Luke Schmidt, Randy Foster, Sarah Schmidt, Leah Gwin, Rebecca Morris, Chris Little, Kate Kessenich, Roxane & David McGowan, Bill Kessenich, Brendan Parnell, Matt Chybowski, Jackie Schubbe, Alex Webb, Ellen Laxson, Josh Laxson, Alex Isaacson, Jeff To, Keevie Bremhorst, Dave and Kim O'Brien, Brent Miller, Cole Weiske,Jon O'Hara, Cynthia Nani O'Keefe, David O'Shaughnessey, Abby Yazbak, Jasper Van Der Hoek, Lisa Colombo, Margie Terp, Mark Kessenich, Mike and Jackie Lingg, Justin Colombo, Jim & Deanna Barnette, Cory Storkamp, Kathy Butler, Kelly Oakes, Chase Schmidt, Ashley Turner, Tom Klister, Zack Terry, Anderson Rader, Eric Vieth, Chris Huset, Sara Saucerman, Daley Olson, Hunter Lyles, Harrison Hall, Jim and Julie Hoefling, Kirby Williams, Allison Hamilton, Trace Pridgen, Maria Poldson, Lynn Zetzman, Shanna Reed, Jan Fuller, Alison Lauer Hill, Peter Kessenich, Renee M Wolf, Sam Wilson, Lucas DeBaets, Jacob Schmidt, Keenan Kelley, Maria Mastronardo, Jack Buchinger, Jeremy Davis, Gus Jacobs, Daneen Turner, Dan Murphy, Melissa Kendall, Anna & Ed Sanderson, Ian Mead, Dee Schremp, Devon Keith, Corey Robinson, Brenton Haygood, Erin Lauterbach, Keely Scowcroft, Kathy Kessenich, Natalie Marchant, Alex Amboian, John Canada, Will Eddleman, Amber Lindsay, Molly Hendry, Jenny & Tyler Somers, Grace Albritton, Meg Jamison, Tabitha Tamberlin, Carlos Higueros, Foch and Lori Smart, Corey Spicer, Victoria Townsend, Timothy Bradley, Sam Buchholz, Lauren Heyano, Jon Martz, Alec Hansen, Max Mantey, Carol Freundl, Pat Kiloran, Leah Wilkes, Campbell Lawrence Moore, Dani Coleman, Abigail Nyman, Chris McMurtry, Jessica Mack, Edrie Edrie, Carter Hulings, Max Freedman, Kirsten ,Vern Gwin, Carole Yeaman, Eddie Kingman, Donna Brown, Matt Arnett, Erika Cole, Bruce Holding, Christy & Drennan, Lisa Stevens, Ginny Haynes, Patricia Marchant, Sloane England, Lori Duke

Who we are


Based out of Nashville, The Walking Guys is a collaboration of singer/songwriters literally walking their tour from Portland, Maine to Nashville, Tennessee. Four months, 1600 miles, four guys, and the story of a lifetime. 

Benjamin Butler
Arts Fishing Club
Riley Moore
Will Stevens 


Why are we wAlking

Being on foot will force us to rely on the generosity of the people we meet to survive and take away the normal barriers that keep us from connecting with those around us. We believe this will allow us to make lasting, meaningful connections with people that would otherwise not be possible. 








by The Walking Guys